Yearly MEMBERSHIP fees for 2019:
Prices are in euros

    Family – 370 *
Senior – 180
     Country member** – 120
Student – 60
Under 18′s – 45
Under 15′s – 40
Under 12′s – 35

Membership application forms
are available at the club or call

Clubhouse: 059-863 3645

Non members may avail of the tennis courts at the maximum of 3 times per year at a fee of :

Adults 5 euro
Juniors 3 euro

* Family Membership: 2 adults  and no limit of children under 18    

**Country members are players who reside at a distance of 40km (25miles) or more from the ATC

Tennis code of conduct PDF (Adobe required)

4 thoughts on “MEMBERSHIP 2019”

    1. Hi Mary,

      2 adults and 3 children is perfect for family membership :)

      if you need any other information or if you want to have a trial run:) please let me know.

      kind regards,

    1. Hi Eimear,
      The price wouldn’t change if you join for 6 month only. If you would like to have a chat about the activities we do throughout winter please call me (0860513138). We play all year round and it wouldn’t be a waste ;). Tanya

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